Jinhua sea food co., LTD,2007Founded in jinhua lanxi,Is an independent modern halal seasoning production enterprises,Is committed to global customers with trust of halal food solutions。3Square meters of production base,Equipped with accord with Europe and the United States、Japanese food production standard facilities,And the introduction of the international first-class production equipment,The escort for the quality of the product。

The company has by China islamic associationHalalCertification,In IndonesiaMUICertification,ISO22000Food safety management system certification。Professional development and production of block、Powder、Granular compound seasoning,Salty essence of new and high technology content such as spices。Taste the sea food co., LTD has been the essence of islamic culture as an important part of building enterprise culture,Muslim management meeting on a regular basis,Set up Muslim worship room staff,Embodies the us to the idea of acting。

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Taste seafood sales network throughout all over China,At the same time exported to Japan、South Korea、In Indonesia、Malaysia、Africa、In the Middle East and other places。
10000 TonsProduction capacity
3000 HomeMerchants
30000 SquareProduction base
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